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Martin, you are great, always improving your articles based on the feedback from your followers. I am the one who brought up the shorter men issue.

You wrote: `Shorter guys (below 170 cm) seem to skew the formula towards being heavier.´

I am the opposite. I weigh 57 kg at 166 cm. But what´s interesting is that I am a mesomorph that looks quite muscular and fairly lean! So, I really can´t picture myself at 66 kg while not looking like Donna Simpson.

Unlike most men, I tend to put fat not on the abdominal area but on my legs, ass and lower back.

Could it be that uncommon fat distribution patterns are a main cause of inaccurate BF % assessments?

The jp_aesthetics85 Instagram account has currently published more than 300 posts and has more than 900 followers, with Jeremy highlighting his IFBB Pro coach and fitness mentor in terms of posing in his description. The latter’s Instagram account is not at the handle it once was. However, with Jeremy describing himself as a “NQ Npc Men’s Physique Competitor,” which means a nationally qualified NPC competitor in the largest national amateur bodybuilding organization, it’s interesting to see the NPC scrubbing Jeremy from their website.

Steroids fail pics

steroids fail pics


steroids fail picssteroids fail picssteroids fail picssteroids fail pics