Steroid taper adrenal insufficiency

The symptoms, disabilities and life-style of a person with Cushing’s Syndrome depend on the degree of cortisol excess, the duration of the disease, the basic health of the person, but especially the type and curability of the Cushing’s Syndrome. If it is cured, all of the features of the disease can resolve, but this may take as long as 2 to 18 months. During that time, most people get annoyed and frustrated by the slow improvements in physical changes and the combination of Cushing’s and adrenal insufficiency signs and symptoms (dizziness, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite) as replacement steroid hormones are tapered and adrenal hormone production slowly improves toward normal. Frequent calls and visits to physicians are necessary.

It’s amazing to think that the adrenal glands have so much power over our functioning. When they are working properly they offer balance – providing us with energy when we require it, and helping us feel relaxed when it’s time to rest. The burden is great on our adrenals, and they can become impaired under the heels of long term stress, even in otherwise healthy people. But we can make small choices that can dramatically impact their functioning for the better – particularly around the things we put in our bodies. Making sure you are supporting these important glands by eating nutritious food, boosting with high quality supplements, and paying attention to when you eat in relation to your body’s natural rhythms can make all the difference!

Steroid taper adrenal insufficiency

steroid taper adrenal insufficiency


steroid taper adrenal insufficiencysteroid taper adrenal insufficiencysteroid taper adrenal insufficiencysteroid taper adrenal insufficiencysteroid taper adrenal insufficiency