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Several noncardiac clinical findings may be observed in patients with Kawasaki disease ( Table 5 ) . 28 For example, infants and young children with this disease are often more irritable than children with other febrile illnesses. Arthritis and arthralgia (more common in older girls) can occur in the first two to three weeks of the illness and typically involve the knees, ankles or hips. About one fourth of patients who undergo lumbar puncture in the acute phase of Kawasaki disease have findings consistent with aseptic meningitis. Other common features include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and pneumonitis.

The physical examination is an important part of the diagnostic process. The vulva may be erythematous in women with vulvodynia, but the presence of a rash or altered mucosa or skin is not consistent with vulvodynia and requires further evaluation or biopsy. A cotton swab is used to gently indent (approximately 5 mm) several locations on the labia, introitus, and hymenal remnants. This pressure will elicit discomfort in almost all women with vulvodynia; the posterior introitus and the posterior hymenal remnants are the most common sites of increased sensitivity. Although some women have spontaneous pain that may not be provoked with a cotton swab, a lack of sensitivity in all of these areas is unusual among women with provocable pain. Other diagnoses that may be suggested by the examination and history are listed in Table 2 .

New Democrats who might oppose granting the Alberta Party official status should be reminded of their own party’s situation 35 years ago, when first-term Edmonton-Norwood MLA Ray Martin introduced a private members bill that would have lowered the threshold of recognized party status to one MLA. At the time, huge Progressive Conservative majorities were the norm, and in the 1982 election the only elected opposition consisted of two New Democrats and two Independent MLAs (both former Social Credit MLAs who would later form the Representative Party of Alberta ).

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