Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

The cornerback position on a football team requires an in-depth knowledge of the game, specifically how to read, cover, adjust and break on the ball. They are the base of the team’s pass defense and there are several ways to play the position. The man-to- man coverage is the most difficult to complete, the player lines opposite the widest receiver on the opposing team. The press coverage will line the cornerback closest to the opposing receiver and try to jam at the line of scrimmage. The zone coverage is a deception it lines up like a press but the cornerback quickly moves when the ball is snapped to get deep into the opposing zone. The Seattle Seahawks have dominated their opposing offense with a strong secondary defense which has helped them get to several season playoffs and gave the secondary defense the nickname the “Legion of Boom.” The list of outstanding cornerbacks that have played for the team are Dave Brown, Dwayne Harper, Richard Sherman, Shawn Springs and Marcus Trufant.

“I think his confidence in his body, number one,” Gruden said in June. “Just talking to him yesterday or today, I think he feels a lot better with where he is physically and that’s important obviously for a DB. We probably pushed him a little bit too hard. He felt good, but I don’t think he was really quite his 100 percent self. He was good enough to play, he’s a tough guy, he’ll fight through anything, but I think this year he feels like the strength is back. He’s got a little bit more speed and quickness and I think you’ll see a better player.”

This is kind of a tough one. My thinking is that the Hawks will keep 6 to 7 corners in 2011, so with that in mind I'd stick with Marcus Trufant, Walter Thurmond, Roy Lewis, Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, and Byron Maxwell. The caveat point on this group would be the addition of a free agent, which would mean Brandon Browner or possibly Roy Lewis could be on the bubble (he could also be on the PUP list to start the year). If no free agents are pursued, the bubble guys would be Kennard Cox, Marcus Brown, and any of the UDFAs they bring in. 

Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

seahawks cornerbacks steroids


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