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I know a lot about bodybuilding and nutrition but his chapter on macro nutrient ratios taught me a thing or two. No matter how much I think I have learned about fitness, there is always so much more to learn. I always knew that for me it worked best to eat my protein and carbs together but in Tom Venuto’s book “ Burn The Fat 7-Day Body Transformation ”, he explains the eight reasons why its important. I love his common sense approach to these ratios and I agree with him completely that you really need to experiment and see what ratios works best for you! I read a lot about good fats and their importance but it wasn’t till I read this book that started to question my personal macro nutrient ratios, currently I have 10% fat and after reading Tom Venuto’s book I’m convinced that I should try doubling it to 20%. He also slams the ridiculous high fat,/zero-carb fads, and explains why – bravo! I really like his simple 3-2-1 method for nutrient ratios (as a starting point)! After reading his book, I am personally re-evaluating the protein percentage I consume. I see definite advantages to bumping my protein intake from the 30% that I currently consume to 40 or 50% and he does a good job dispelling the myth about too much protein being harmful.

My OH is 48 and has been bodybuilding on and off since he was 16, but recently got back into it, with his son and they bodybuild together. My OH came across Chris Jones on YouTube and showed me a couple of his videos, and we both like him. He talks a lot of sense and puts a lot of things into perspective, and I for one am a fan. I have been inspired to take up bodybuilding even though I am a 30 year old woman, and Chris Jones has been invaluable in the advice his youtube videos have given us. He clearly works hard to achieve the way he looks so I don’t see why there is this article. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think this is just jealousy.

He won his pro card in 1985 and promptly made a statement by winning his first contest, the 1986 Night Of Champions. He would go on to win six more pro contests before hanging up his posing trunks in 1995, but it may be his competitive losses that better define the greatness of the Texan. In 1989 and 1990, Labrada took second at the Olympia to the other legendary Lee of his era, Haney. In both years, it was a case of a good big man versus a good little man. Although the old axiom did hold true in the end, Labrada was actually a few points ahead of Totalee Awesome Haney after a few rounds of prejudging in 1990. A case could be made for Labrada deserving the title of “Uncrowned Mr. Olympia.” Regardless, Labrada’s proportions were unquestionably Olympiaworthy.

Physique of greatness steroids

physique of greatness steroids


physique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroids