Perioral dermatitis steroid cream

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The best treatment has been tetracycline pills or minocycline pills. You take one pill a day on an empty stomach for a month. Tetracycline is pretty safe at this dose. It is completely destroyed by food. So, you must take it with your stomach empty for an hour before and after you take the pill. Tetracycline could make you more sensitive to sunburn. Be sure to use a sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun such as skiing or swimming. Rarely tetracycline can cause a yeast infection of the vagina. This is characterized by a thick white cheesy vaginal discharge that causes itching around the vagina. If that happens, stop the tetracycline and let me know.

Perioral dermatitis steroid cream

perioral dermatitis steroid cream


perioral dermatitis steroid creamperioral dermatitis steroid creamperioral dermatitis steroid creamperioral dermatitis steroid creamperioral dermatitis steroid cream