Neurosteroids depression

25% of women suffer some form of depression after child birth . From the 'baby blues', to post natal depression (PND), to post natal psychosis (PNP), which can result in infanticide and suicide. Luckily PNP only occurs in % of women. The depression is caused by the rapid drop in progesterone levels after the expulsion of the placenta. Serotonin levels drop too. Anti-depressants are not required, what is are large amounts of progesterone. From 800mg/day for PND up to 2400mg/day for post natal psychosis, the amounts Dr Dalton found effective.

They studied the effect of pregnenolone sulfate in mice after the administration of a drug called scopolamine, which prevents the formation of memories by blocking receptors for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. They discovered the learning deficit induced by scopolamine could be prevented by pregnenolone within a very short time. Such a rapid effect of pregnenolone on memory processes led the team to conclude that it may be acting directly at receptor sites that are known to be active in memory formation. In other words, the researchers had confirmed that pregnenolone has both neurosteroid-like and neurotransmitter-like activities—a boon for the treatment of memory impairment.

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Neurosteroids depression

neurosteroids depression


neurosteroids depressionneurosteroids depressionneurosteroids depressionneurosteroids depressionneurosteroids depression