Nba players using steroids

Once the packages were loaded, the data could then be read from a csv file to variable called data. and later converted to a data frame. Because each measure was on a different scale, the data needed to be normalized so that each statistic held that same weight. For example, the distance a player ran throughout an entire season is going to be much larger than than the number of charges a player takes, so scaling the data between -1 and 1 ensured that  distance did not have more of an impact on the clusters than charges taken. In order for the data to be scaled, I first needed to remove all missing values from the data set and make sure that only columns with numerical values were included.

Six players were on the roster of two teams on the list— Wilt Chamberlain with the 1966–67 Sixers and 1971–72 Lakers; James Edwards , Dennis Rodman , and John Salley with the 1988–89 Pistons and 1995–96 Bulls; and Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen with the Bulls in both 1991–92 and 1995–96. Three other individuals both played for and coached honored teams, all of whom completed this "double" with a single franchise— K. C. Jones with the Celtics as a player in 1964–65 and coach in 1985–86, Billy Cunningham with the Sixers as a player in 1966–67 and coach in 1982–83, and Pat Riley with the Lakers as a player in 1971–72 and coach in 1986–87. Phil Jackson , head coach of the Bulls from 1989 to 1998, was the only man to coach two teams that made the list. Although Jackson was under contract to the Knicks as a player in their 1969–70 championship season, he did not play that season as he was recovering from spinal fusion surgery. [66]

The NBA is seeking a delicate balance in how it responds to the wave of protests in sports and the general political climate surrounding the Trump administration. Silver and Michele Roberts, executive director of the players' union, have consistently urged players to address issues that matter to them. Tatum's memo does the same. It also suggests other ways in which teams can "continue to develop impactful community programs," including mentorship programs, community gatherings, using basketball to "build bridges" between segments of a community and inviting community leaders to speak to teams.

Nba players using steroids

nba players using steroids


nba players using steroidsnba players using steroidsnba players using steroidsnba players using steroidsnba players using steroids