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On Mondays during the off-season, pitchers at Driveline typically throw an extended bullpen session. Boddy decided to split the pitchers into two groups—one would use the Marc Pro for 15 minutes after their session, the other would not. To measure the effect that the Marc Pro had on recovery, Boddy tested the pitchers' grip strength and internal rotation power—two markers linked to worse command and a higher chance of injury. When he compiled the data, the results were clear: the pitchers who had used the Marc Pro recovered faster. "The differences were significant. Grip strength was restored much quicker in athletes that used the Marc Pro for at least 15 minutes in a local area, and internal rotation power improved as well," Boddy says.

PASSAN: Sandy Koufax was a warrior. And he would go out there and pitch no matter how much his arm hurt. There were times when he woke up in the morning and he would look at his left arm and the entire upper arm would be black and blue. And I mean the entire thing. It was almost like it had been painted like a fatigue. And his arm was rebelling against what he was doing to it. The amount of pain pills that he took, the number of times he went in with Robert Kerlan and got a giant needle stuck into his elbow and the fluid drained from it - it's sad in hindsight and in retrospect.

One of the reasons the trailer industry is so drawn to Kanye is because he primarily deals in weightless bombast. Take his song I Am a God, for example. This is the song where he proclaims his literal omniscience, then complains about a lack of baked goods. As such, any film that wanted to artificially inflate its own importance could do a lot worse. Enter Assassin’s Creed, the Michael Fassbender video-game adaptation that nobody watched. Given the spectacle of the trailer, I Am a God should have worked perfectly. And yet somehow it did not. If only Kanye had recorded a song called I Am a Little Man From a Computer Game Who Jumps Off Things a Lot, this would have all been so different.

Harder better faster stronger steroids

harder better faster stronger steroids


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