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Janet, you're not getting what I'm saying. Your original questions will be and have been answered in due time. I was simply pointing out that all your questions are exactly what they've been trying to figure out from last night to now. I think they know what they're doing at WRAL. Do you think the family is watching the news? They're being informed directly from law enforcement which in turn is reported.
With all that being said, your first post was invalid as the person writing the article has the same questions and is waiting for the answers to update this article.
How do you think this family is being informed about their loved one? Not here... Get over yourself. [Refresh]

The story of accusation of adultery levied against Aisha can be traced to sura (chapter) An-Nur of the Qur'an . As the story goes, Aisha left her howdah in order to search for a missing necklace. Her slaves mounted the howdah and prepared it for travel without noticing any difference in weight without Aisha's presence. Hence the caravan accidentally departed without her. She remained at the camp until the next morning, when Safwan ibn al-Mu‘attal , a nomad and member of Muhammad's army, found her and brought her back to Muhammad at the army's next camp. Rumours that Aisha and Safwan had committed adultery were spread, particularly by Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy , Hassan ibn Thabit , Mistah ibn Uthatha and Hammanah bint Jahsh (sister of Zaynab bint Jahsh , another of Muhammad's wives). Usama ibn Zayd , son of Zayd ibn Harithah , defended Aisha's reputation; while Ali ibn Abi Talib advised "Women are plentiful, and you can easily change one for another." Muhammad came to speak directly with Aisha about the rumours. He was still sitting in her house when he announced that he had received a revelation from God confirming Aisha's innocence. Surah 24 details the Islamic laws and punishment regarding adultery and slander. Aisha's accusers were subjected to punishments of 80 lashes. [52]

Girl before after steroids

girl before after steroids


girl before after steroidsgirl before after steroids