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I don’t know if Francesca is using the name in the literary device sense of play-on-words…….that’s a very clever technique….I love it, especially if it is meant in reference to Faison.
However, Giulio Cesare = Julius Caesar ( Anglicized, LOL). So, it could have been an accidental truth??
I wonder if the writers are keen enough to bring Roman symbolism into the equation. Claudius and Agrippina were, indeed, Nero’s parents, and Nero fits the countenance of being Faison’s issue. Great theory that, but is Oscar his real name?
I hope he is the product of one of Sonny’s enemies…..except, I’d not look forward watching Joss get hurt . Poor kid; her first puppy love? A puppy love which could turn into something more serious as they grow older? Sigh!! To be that young again!! Fresh, innocent love….
Still…who’s the Mom?

Marcel Bonn-Miller, ., of the VA National Center for PTSD will serve as Coordinating Principal Investigator, and Paula Riggs, ., of the University of Colorado, Denver will serve as Senior Scientific Advisor. Blood analysis will be conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder. MAPS will be responsible for FDA approval, project and data management and monitoring, drug accountability, and ensuring Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines are followed throughout the study. “It is a major triumph that we have built this outstanding team of top researchers, partnering with national experts at the VA, NIDA, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Colorado,” said MAPS executive director Rick Doblin, . “The obstacles we’ve faced have ultimately strengthened the study.” Learn more | Read the RFA

Down 16% overall in the key demo from last year’s early numbers, which was down from the year before, those 8 – 11 PM results will surely change as time adjusted final numbers come in later today. Right now the game itself is delivering a /26 rating and million viewers. That’s a 15% decline from the fast affiliates that the September 8, 2016 match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers pulled in. Again, if past kickoffs and live sporting events in general are any indication, expect Thursday’s demo and total viewership to change, especially being that the game went until midnight.

Analyze prop steroid

analyze prop steroid


analyze prop steroidanalyze prop steroid